Newhorizon ACF

Newhorizon ACF Laminating System

The newhorizon MACFL system is a compact and flexible system using Constand Heat technology to enable ACF Laminating for specific applications.

Newhorizon ACF Laminating System MACFL

Designed for fine-pitch ACF bonding applications (> 30 mircon), the ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) Laminator uses a two- or three-step process to connect materials like flex-foil to glass or flex-foil to PCB.

ACF Laminating/Pre-Bonding is achieved by dispensing and cutting the ACF tape, positioning it over the surface of the parts to be bonded, and moving the thermode into position.  The flex is then moved into position to align the traces to the substrate, and the thermode is actuated to complete the bond.

The basic systems includes a constant heat power supply and pneumatic bonding head.  Options include upgrading the constant heat power supply with a Uniflow Pulsed Heat Reflow Soldering and bonding power supply, and the addition of interposer tape, alignment, and product jig modules.

newhorizon MACFL Benefits:

  • Compact, flexible system

  • Constant heat controller

  • Left-right, front-rear, or rotary product handling