Interposer Mod

Interposer Module

The AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE Hot Bar product line uses a range of standard modules and offers a reliable, versatile and consistent system configuration for a variety of applications. Using standard modules in the entire value chain from application development to high volume production delivers predictable, consistent and premium quality for your bonding application(s).

The interposer module is a reel-to-reel feeding module using a left and right sub-module making it independent to the Hot Bar length. The module holds a full spool of interposer on the left side and the feeder-part on the right side collects the used Interposer material. An intelligent spring mechanism in the module prevents sticking of the interposer material to the Hot Bar after bonding. The tension on the interposer material is automatically controlled through a spring-operated level. The Interposer Module is available in a manual or a fully automatic configuration applicable for all AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE Hot Bar systems.