Uni-Base SA

Uni-Base Stand-alone System

The Basic System. The stand-alone Uni-Base systems are the first in a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, Heat-Sealing and ACF-bonding. The Uni-Base delivers the same high connection quality as the larger and more sophisticated systems.

Setting up the system for different products is easy as 1-2-3, making it suitable for laboratory and high-mix production. Because of the low investment costs, earn-back time is short. Mass production environments will typically run several of these systems besides each other.

Standard available systems are:

  • Uni-Base SS-W-100 with SH500 pneumatic bonding head and Uniflow Power Supply
  • Uni-Base SS-W-231 with SH500 pneumatic bonding head, Uniflow Power Supply and basic manual slide
  • Uni-Base PS-W-101 with PH500 motorized bonding head, Uniflow Power Supply and PLC control

For Reflow Soldering and Heat-Sealing these standard systems are using Pulsed Heat Technology (Uniflow Power Supply). For ACF Bonding a tape feeder and tape cutting module can be added.