PinPoint DSS

Diagnostic Sub System

Diagnosys PinPoint DSS: The diagnostic heart of a functional test system – an industry leading PCB fault finding capability in a 19” rack-mounted format.

In the DSS (Diagnostic Sub-System) format, PinPoint test and PCB fault finding technology is made available in an industry standard 19” rack-mounted format.

Combined with the Diagnosys Test Result Server software, the PinPoint DSS has the ability to analyze, use and update test results from the S500 Functional Test System, or any other functional test system, to provide a powerful PCB diagnostic capability.

Alternatively, for applications requiring the close integration of specialized test instrumentation with digital test and in-depth diagnostic capability, the PinPoint DSS can be configured as a powerful test system controller.

Having the full functionality of the PinPoint IIR and using the same software, the PinPoint DSS provides in-depth diagnostic capability to any functional test system. The PinPoint DSS can also be configured as a powerful test system controller where the 19” rack-mount format allows the integration of specialized test instrumentation while providing a compact footprint.

The PinPoint DSS not only provides in-depth diagnostic capability but importantly gives the capability to perform multi-strategy testing on modules and circuits using:

  • Any combination of edge connector, Bed-of-Nails and fixtureless testing for maximum test coverage and fault detection
  • A single configurable platform with minimal footprint
  • The ability to address a wide range of technologies by integrating specialized instrumentation e.g. RF test
  • A wide range of diagnostic tools for reliable and accurate fault finding
  • A range of in-built tools for rapid troubleshooting of electronic circuits
  • A user-friendly graphic user environment for fast learning curves

The PinPoint DSS provides the ability to integrate third party instrumentation via PXI, LXI or GPIB. Users have the option of developing instrument driver software through TestVue or by utilizing industry standard instruments and drivers. Integration of 3rd party technologies provides the user with flexible comprehensive test coverage.

Interactive documentation and help facilities are included in the software, along with an extensive library of device functional test routines including Western and Russian devices.

It provides integral capability for reverse engineering of schematic diagrams when you don’t have information on the circuits.

Powering the PinPoint DSS, the TestVue software allows the full capability and performance of the hardware to be released. Programming via the graphical environment is made even easier and faster by context-dependent menus. With different levels of access to the software, users are only ever presented with relevant information, simplifying the task in-hand and helping rapid learning curves.