AutoPoint DT

Diagnosys AutoPoint DT: A benchtop flying-probe system for automatic probing of a PCB or CCA

The AutoPoint DT system is a benchtop flying probe system, sometimes called a roving probe, used for automatic probing of an electronic PCB or CCA. Tasks that were previously accomplished with time-consuming manual methods can now be automated.

The AutoPoint DT provides affordable automated testing of PCBs including complex, densely packed surface mount and through-hole boards. The precision robotic movement lets you probe points on latest technology ICs, such as PLCC, SOIC, PGA, SSOP, TSOP, QFP and others, without the need for expensive test fixturing or test programming.


The AutoPoint DT is a stand-alone fault finding system that can also be integrated with the PinPoint range of test systems to automate probing of circuits. Using a single probe for access to difficult board topography, the system is fast to program and quick to analyse a network. It can be applied to almost any circuit, removing the physical restraints of test fixtures and enabling error-free probing of analog components such as resistors and diodes for an accurate and reliable diagnosis of fault causes.

This PCB fault finding system uses an Analog Signature Analysis technique, also known as VI or impedance signatures, to learn and store the network characteristics of a good board. It has multiple signatures for a single device allowing for variations due to different manufacturer, and a single probe head for ease of programming with a colour camera for location and visual inspection.

Key features of the AutoPoint DT include a power-off test technique that requires no knowledge of the circuit, automatic and rapid identification of faulty networks, with the ability to import the “Pick & Place” data of a circuit for speed of programming.

Connected to a standalone PC (supplied) for an automatic flying probe tester

This provides an affordable and effective PCB test and diagnostic system for almost any type of PCB or CCA. This system uses the analog signature (VI) technique to identify faults.

Integrated with a PinPoint or UDA systems

By integrating the AutoPoint DT with a PinPoint or UDA system the necessity to manually probe networks, e.g. for large devices or analog components, is completely removed. The powerful test and diagnostic facilities of the PinPoint system can also be applied to the PCB to provide a thorough test which can include power-on functional digital, analog and mixed-signal tests.