PinPoint Alpha

Diagnosys PinPoint Alpha: Adaptable and affordable PCB and IC fault finding system

The PinPoint Alpha system is a flexible, adaptable and modular PCB and IC fault finding system, which allows you to apply different electronic test methods to obtain maximum test coverage and fault detection. Test signals can be applied at the PCB edge connector or through test clips and DTIs to perform fixtureless in-circuit testing.

The PinPoint Alpha has been designed to provide modular expansion of test resources and has 3 external slots available for Digital, Universal and Matrix switching channels. Providing a solid foundation in the standard configuration it can be tailored to provide the test resources you require in a cost effective manner.

Addressing the latest and legacy technology PCBs, the PinPoint Alpha is a compact and transportable system delivering excellent PCB fault screening, PCB test and fault diagnostic capability where needed.

PinPoint is an affordable high specification test system which can be upgraded with functionality and performance as required, offering scalable architecture and performance. It is available in 3 slot (PinPoint Alpha) or 10 slot (PinPoint Sigma) options.

  • Up to 144 dynamic Universal test channels
  • Up to 192 Digital test channels
  • 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz or 25MHz digital test rate options

Multiple test methods can be combined in a single test flow to deliver excellent fault detection and accurate fault identification:

  • Functional testing from the edge connector
  • Functional testing of a single component and digital IC
  • Boundary scan at a device level and through a chain
  • Passive and active device analog testing
  • Mixed-signal functional test
  • Vectorless test
  • Analog impedance signatures
  • PCB parameter testing

Fast test pattern rates up to 25MHz help ensure that digital devices are functionally tested thoroughly so that more faults can be detected and accurately identified

Digital in-circuit tests on the PinPoint series are designed to be completed within 20 milli-seconds to help ensure the safety of the circuits you are testing. A programmable hardware timer removes the test stimulus at the end of the period so that ICs are protected from extended backdrive currents.

In addition to the digital testing capability, vectorless test methods can be used to check each network for open circuits, shorts circuits, resistive, capacitive and inductive faults as well as testing semiconductor junctions.

Providing affordable quality that reliably finds PCB faults, PinPoint Alpha and Sigma are compact and transportable systems. They provide excellent PCB fault screening, PCB test and fault diagnostic capability where and when needed.

The standard PinPoint Alpha provides 32 universal test channels with switching matrix, 4 1/2 digit DMM, analog signatures, UUT power supplies, tutorial, manual, accessory pack and standard TestVue license. With an integrated PC the system is ready to use out-of-the-box.

The advanced functionality includes DMM, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Oscilloscope, Counter-Timer, Shorts Locator, Precision Measurement Module (PMU), LCR Bridge, Analog Signature Analysis, Programmable UUT power supplies – all allowing you to find more faults.