S500 Self-Test

The S500 system self-test provides a check on the correct operation of hardware and software resources. It can be run from the Diagnosys User Interface and the results are automatically logged by the software so that they are available for analysis and reference.

The tests use a loop-back method through a dedicated ITA (Interface Test Adaptor) to ensure the hardware operates correctly and that there are no faults in the routing of instruments to the UUT.

The Diagnosys User Interface alerts the user to execute the self-test program at regular intervals. The maximum time allowed between successful executions can be scheduled by the test system manager. All UUT testing can be prohibited until a successful execution of the self-test program is achieved to help provide confidence in UUT test results.

The S500 self-test provides the user with the confidence that the system hardware resources are working correctly and can be.

  • Runs with minimal user action and reports faults.
  • Tests system modules individually and then tests the interaction of system modules.
  • Automatically records the results of the BTE self-test and displays them to the user.
  • Allows printing of each report.
  • Displays the BTE system self-test report containing the suspect components for detected faults.