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Diagnosys S500 guided dynamic functional probing to identify the root cause of a failure

Functional diagnostic testing – moving beyond Go / NoGo functional test, the S500 systems utilize a guided dynamic functional probe to identify the root cause of a failure in a circuit. This advanced diagnostic tool is invoked automatically and guides the user to probe relevant nodes in a circuit to compare real-life data against known good data for the node which is stored as part of the Test Program.

Working back through the circuit the diagnostic guided probing software will determine when it has sufficient information and a failure can be accurately identified.

Dynamic functional probing uses real-life data measured from the circuit which means the root cause of failures that have been detected by the functional test program can then be reliably and accurately identified.

  • Guides operator to probe points within the UUT to identify the cause of failures
  • Ability to zoom in giving a clear image of the required probe point
  • Shows limits for test and measurement history to help identify and isolate intermittent faults
  • Allows the operator to re-probe points if an error has been made