Diagnosys CATE

CATE Software

Diagnosys CATE software: Providing Test Engineers with the right tools at the right time

The CATE environment is designed to provide the Test Engineer with the same level of sophisticated, high performance tools that Design Engineers have. The natural, human interface to the CATE software enables the test engineer to concentrate on the task of developing high fault coverage diagnostic test programs, by providing the right tools at the right time, with explicit choices guiding the user to obtain maximum benefit from the capabilities of the test system.

Central to the CATE software is the PROCESS MANAGER which takes care of all the user-interface and file management. Other key CATE packages include the STRATEGIZER to enable users to graphically develop, edit and maintain a test plan and the DEBUG WORKBENCH – a set of tools to facilitate test program debug.

Additional software modules are available for use on the S790 SERIES 2 or on a stand-alone CATE workstation.

SCHEMATIC MANAGER displays circuit diagram information and allows the selection of groups of components for defining Cluster-Level testing.

LOCATOR displays the board layout to aid the efficient pin-pointing of a component or point to probe.

DIGITAL WORKBENCH is a tool for creating, viewing and editing digital waveforms.

Cate software supports multiple different test methods and can integrate them into a single test program for the in-depth test and accurate fault identification of a circuit.