The hottest start-up in 2023!

The new Industry Standard
March 2023 – News on SIMPLY, the hottest start-up in 2023.
In compliance with European Union Ecodesign requirements,  SMT Nordic ( in collaboration with SIMPLY ( has introduced a QR code-based digital platform designed to provide easy access to information regarding SMT Nordic products manufactured by industry leaders like:
Thanks to SIMPLY technicians, commissioning engineers, customers and distribution partners can now use a handheld device such as a mobile phone to access a world of information from their Capital Equipment in Production by SIMPLY scanning a device’s QR code. Avoiding any drawback caused by rotation or human error.
SIMPLY is the KEY,
A data driven web app that links users to product-specific information, such as manuals, installation guides, and step-by-step instructions regarding commissioning and troubleshooting. SIMPLY also allows users to rapidly and easily reach expert support LOCALLY to report and solve problems on-site.
The key beneficiary is of course the final user achieving higher uptime and lower downtime, EMS, OEMs like Lear, Flex, Foxconn, Kimball, Continental, and other well known leaders are already in implementation phase or have already completed it.
The result is faster troubleshooting, which results in higher uptime and lower downtime, as well as a unified user experience across SMT Nordic portfolio of Capital Equipment. As the web application facilitates self-service, troubleshooting can be performed by any user with basic knowledge, thus allowing more bandwidth for experts to handle challenging.
In compliance with standard security policies and principles, SIMPLY provides safety and security to the data it manages, and provides the user with the option to store it in Simply or not. 
Future enhancements of SIMPLY will cover more Capital Equipment from SMT Nordic portfolio, SIMPLY ‘s expansion will target growth with more collaborations, with distributors, like in Germany, other Equipment manufacturers like ASM, Rehm, Panasonic, and other leading companies.
Moreover, expansion to other sectors is obvious, so SIMPLY will pursue partnerships with Building Automation Leaders such as: Schneider, Panasonic, Omron, among others.
We are certain SIMPLY is creating and enabling implementation of a new multi-industry standard, much wanted and needed.
SIMPLY is customizable web app that can cater to many types of industries and adapt to several industries. They magic lies in its Simplicity.
You too, can seamlessly implement SIMPLI in your company with no overhead or complex procedures
SIMPLY is a Finnish company from Porvoo,
Working since 2019 on a 2017 idea, and launching to market in late 2022,
With amazing response from those who truly value having lower downtime.
Feel free to contact us for more information, videos and a demo kit/visit. 
Israel Ayala
Founder and CXO