Temperature Management

Better Storage Environment

Complete Control

Stabilizing the temperature inside the cabinet together in conjunction with stabilizing relative humidity often creates a better storage environment for materials.

The temperature system is operated and controlled by the software in sync with the sensors located in the cabinet and the heaters. The cabinets turn on the heaters when the temperature is below the target value and close them off when it is reached. The same system turns on the cooler in case the temperature is above the target values. The temperature inside the cabinet is controlled with a maximum deviation of ±1°C.

The target temperature level can be set easily from the control panel in seconds. It can be set between 2°C and up to 125°C. The heater options are for 45°C, 60°C, 100°C and 125°C.

A built-in alarm warns users if the target temperature plus offset value cannot be reached inside the cabinet when the time expires after a door operation in order to ensure that the temperature inside can be maintained.

The temperature offset can be set between 0–45°C and the time after door operation can be set between 0–60 minutes. The temperature level alarm type can be set to Internal Buzzer (Standard), Yellow Light (in Optional Alarm Light Bar), Red Light (in Optional Alarm Light Bar) and External Buzzer (in Optional Alarm Light Bar).

Programable Temperature Control

Do you need your products to stay at a temperature for a certain time and then at another? Auto Dry Cabinets makes the process easy for you. You just program the temperature you want and the time required and then program the new temperature and time again. At the end you can set a final target temperature when you need the cycle to finish and stay stable. As the software does all these automatically you don’t have to go back to the cabinet to do it manually, so even when you are off work or even on vacation your products will always get the right treatment. Not only temperature but humidity can be set alongside or seperatly the same way as well.

Preserving the Heat

In order to maintain the temperature inside the cabinet some extra hardware is used together with the heaters.

Double cabinet walls increase the thermal insulation of the cabinet. The insulation material between the interior and exterior cabinet walls provides excellent thermal isolation with its extremely low thermal conductivity values (<0.036W/mK). This is a highly flexible closed-cell insulating material with high water vapor diffusion resistance (>7000µ, DIN 52615). Our insulation material are all mold and fungus resistant.

Magnetic gaskets and 22mm double glass of the cabinet doors are offered as standard. Magnetic gaskets provide comfort to the user in opening & closing the doors as well as perfect insulation with the 22mm thick double glass.

Shelf quantity and their positions, the set temperature, materials inside and their placement, loading volume, outside temperature & humidity. These are just some of the many parameters that can affect the Heating Profile inside the cabinet. If the material which will be stored is very sensitive extra customization can be made by adding additional heaters, fans and tuning.

During the initial heating process some temperature differences may occur at different points in the cabinet, however heating output and measured temperatures will be uniform after stabilization.

Turn up the Heat

Reflow ovens, belt furnaces and autoclaves are good ways to bake your products. But they are costly investments and their operating costs are something not to disregard either. Also, the temperatures of reflow ovens and belt furnaces may be too high for your sensitive material.

So, if you are in need of a baking process and these are just not feasible for your volumes or operation there is a cheaper and easier solution.

Cabinets provide a larger inner volume with less space required in comparison to other solutions. Also the large glass doors allow you to monitor the process and see your stored material and products.

125°C cabinets give you the chance to bake your products and materials while at the same time enabling you to simply dry and store them as well. This one stop solution is an efficient alternative as it can satisfy all your moisture related needs for lower volume batches.

125°C is not a very low temperature so baking in these conditions may create some unwanted and possibly harmful fumes. An additional extraction system can be connected to your own HVAC system or can be equipped with a HEPA filter if you need it.

125°C is a suitable environment for many applications such as adhesive baking, solder paste storage, drying after conformal coating etc. There is also an option to install an UV light for ease of inspection after conformance coating.

It doesn’t matter if you are a R&D lab or a small batch manufacturer or simply want to have an easier to use process, the 125°C option provides industry leading temperature and humidity accuracy, speed and reliability while cutting down your costs and saving space.

Cooling Down

In case you are operating in high temperature environments and require a lower than ambient temperature for your products and materials, cabinets provide the option of cooling down to 2°C.

The system makes sure that the cabinet always stays at the set temperature and switches the cooler unit off when there is no need for it to save energy.