SMT Europe: Case Study

Elausa Electronics

SMT Europe: the reliable partner of Elausa Electronics to optimize their electronic production process

Case Study: SMT Europe: the reliable partner of Elausa Electronics to optimize their electronic production process

Case Study: Discover how the alliance between SMT Europe as distributor, MSTECH Europe as creator of the Smart Infinity Platform with curing, inspection, and flipping processes, Nordson Asymtek with the dispensing valve solution using their SL 940 model, and ABChimie with the board protection have enabled the implementation of a compact and effective solution for electronic tropicalization using cutting-edge technology.

Elausa Electronics is a technological company based in Catalonia, Spain that has been producing and validating electronics since 1988. With a focus on industrial and automotive clients, Elausa has recently experienced significant growth in the automotive sector, working with OEM and tier-one providers as well as the SEAT production plant and electric vehicle platform.

As part of this growth, Elausa recognized the need to expand their varnish and coating technology to address both client and internal requests. They sought a solution that was different from the solvent-based varnish they had been using up until that time and found a varnishing solution with only one component that was cured with UV.

However, Elausa needed a partner to provide a machine capable of offering a faster cycle time to cure the varnish and effectively inspect it at every point to ensure proper protection. That’s when they turned to SMT Europe, our distributor of machinery, who offered a solution with Nordson Asymtek SL 940 and the Smart Infinity Platform by MSTECH Europe, a compact solution for curing, flipping, and inspection.

This machine offered the precision and speed necessary to address the complexity of automotive PCBs, where gels were dispensed to delimit borders and micro dispensing was required to reach difficult areas. With three valves for film coating, precision dispensing, and dispensing for more viscous materials, the system included an offset correction system for each valve.

Importantly, the curing process utilized UV LED lights, which consume less energy and require almost no maintenance. This system was able to cure the varnish quickly and effectively without casting shadows between the components and the light. Moreover, the entire process for electronic tropicalization with curing and inspection could be accomplished in only two machines, taking up less space than other solutions.

Elausa Electronics has been using this solution for half a year now and is extremely satisfied with the results. The solution works well for their needs, providing a faster cycle time for varnish curing and precise inspection to ensure proper protection. They are confident that if they ever need another solution, they would choose SMT Europe, MSTECH Europe and Nordson Asymtek, again.

Overall, this case of success showcases the importance of finding the right partners for addressing complex technological needs, and the benefits that can be achieved with precision and innovation.