VJT Vertex II

Vertex II offers a simple approach to automated inspection. Programmed sequences and automated reports provide valuable data for process control, at a fraction of the cost of most automated systems.

Vertex II is configurable with several microfocus x-ray tubes for high resolution applications and high power millimeter focus x-ray sources for castings, munitions, automotive assemblies, aerospace assemblies and other NDT inspections.


  • Castings
  • Munitions
  • Automotive Assemblies
  • Aerospace Assemblies
  • Other NDT Inspections

The Vertex is equipped with innovative Nexus 300

Inspection Software and Analysis Tools providing Manual

Operation or fully Automated Inspection routines. Nexus

300 image processing offers: Advanced Defect

Enhancement, Pseudo Color, Edge Detection, BGA Area,

Circularity, Voiding, Large Area Analysis, Void Ratio and

Feature Masking. Automatic report generation and a real

time event log provide product traceability.

The Vertex II is an ergonomic, flexible and reliable X-ray

Platform which can be easily adapted to almost any

inspection task. The 75kV configuration can be upgraded to

130kV as required. As an Audit system, Vertex is suited for

production environments to perform sample testing of

volume production.

Mask Software – allows automated measurement of two

sided PCB
Automated Defect Enhancement (ADE) – making subtle features easy to find

Common Configurations
Model V80 V90 V130 V160
X-ray Source 80kV 90kV 130kV 160kV
Spot Size 30μ 4μ 5μ 0.5 mm
>20lp/mm >40lp/mm >40lp/mm 200 – 400 μ
435X 3600X 1950X 1X – 20X
Maximum Field
of View
(87.9 mm)
(87.9 mm)
(87.9 mm)
8 – 16 inches
Optional Off
+/- 45⁰ +/- 45⁰ +/- 45⁰
Sample Size &
Scan Area
20.0 x 20.7” (508 x 525 mm)
18.0″ x 20.4″ (457 x 518 mm) – with ergonomic pull out
drawer option