The RIX (Rotary Indexing X-Ray) solution is a medium to high volume x-ray inspection system with standard and XL versions designed to support a wide range of part types and sizes with ease. The rotating turntable dramatically increases productivity by enabling simultaneous part loading and inspection, resulting in a rapid cycle time of less than 20 seconds per part.

With its modest footprint, the RIX is designed for production environments with real-time and near real-time imaging solutions. An internal robotic C-arm provides for full range of motion to capture images at multiple positions, which can be easily programmed using an HMI control console. Combined with ADR and our world-leading Vi3™ imaging suite and archival capabilities, the RIX is the next generation of quality control for casting manufacturers.


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Munitions
  • Electronics

Key Features

  • Mid to high level production volume inspection
  • Supports full automated ADR analysis
  • Standard and XL versions to support a wide range of part types and sizes
  • Rotary parts turntable supports parallel loading and inspection of parts
  • Fully supported by VJT’s world class Vi3 software platform

System Specifi cations RIX RIX-XL


Width 87″ | 220.98cm 138″ | 350.52cm

Height 97.2″ | 246.88cm

Depth 151.2″ | 384.04cm 232.8″ | 591.31cm

Weight 22,000lbs | 9,979kgs 30,000lbs | 13,608kgs

Door Opening Dimensions 72″ x 22″ | 182.88cm x 55.88cm 124″ x 26″ | 315cm x 66cm

Cycle Time <20 seconds per part (4 views)

Surveillance Surveillance camera/display in Vi3 window

System Power 480VAC, 60A, 3phase

Compliance Meets all international radiation safety standards, including 21 CFR1020.40 and EN 61010-2-091 2012;

ASTM Stds. 2597, 2699, 2736, 2737


Source/Detector Robot FANUC R-2000iB/165R series robot

(payload: 165kg; reach: 3093mm)

FANUC R-2000iC/210f series robot

(payload: 210kg; reach: 2655mm)

Inspection Envelope 18″ x 36″ x 20″ | 45.72cm x 91.44cm x 50.8cm 39″x 63″x 22″ | 99.06cm x 160.02cm x 55.88cm

Maximum Part Weight 60lbs | 27kgs

Source-to-Detector Distance 40″ | 101.6cm

Imaging Components

X-ray Sources Standard: 160kV | Optional: 200kV

Detectors Standard: 8″ FPD | Optional: 16″ FPD, LDA

Integrated Controls

Computers Acquisition Computer, ADR/Review Computer

Software Vi3 with ADE™ Filter technology, VJT DRS (ADR Software)