The Mobile STW System is comprised of a mobile cart, C-Arm configuration, X-ray source and flat panel detector. The mobile cart will allow the X-ray source and detector to be manually positioned around piping and other points of inspection. It will also allow for both height and angle adjustments as required to optimize the inspection performed.


  • Tube Welds

Girth Weld

Longitudinal Weld

Thin Wall Tube Weld

Detector Specifications

Model: VJ-aSi12-IMGR

Material: Amorphous Silicon

Pixel Matrix: 2080 x 2560

A/D Conversion: 14 bit

Gray Scale: 16384

Dynamic Range: >73 dB

Resolution: 3.5 Ip/m

Energy Range: 40–150 kVp

Source Specifications

Model: IXS160BP500P092

Input Line Range: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Output kV: 20–160 kV

Output mA: 0.2–3.12 mA

Output Power: 500W continuous

Focal Spot Size: 0.8 mm as per IEC60336

Computer Specifications

Tough Book Field portable Laptop

  • New generation flash drive
  • Hardened case
  • Extended Battery option and 1 extra battery
  • Built in Field Transport case
  • Wireless LAN

Software Specifications

  • Fully configured Image acquisition Software
  • VI3 Acquisition Software • VI3 Review and Solution Script Software
  • VI3 Digital Detector ASTM WIZARD compliance software
  • VI3 Advanced (ADR) Filter • VI3 Acquisition Software