VJE Vertex II

VJ Electronix leads the way in providing robust and practical X-ray solutions to solve real production issues. Innovation and simplicity govern system design to maximize ease-of-use with programmed inspection and a simple 1–2–Go! user interface.

Standard Features

  • Wide variety of X-ray sources and detectors
  • Large sample capacity
  • Manual and programmable operation
  • Image Processing – Archival (multiple formats), annotations, and measurement tools
  • BGA analysis
  • Area void analysis

Optional Features

  • High Resolution, High Contrast CMOS Digital Flat Panel Detectors
  • Up to 45 Degrees of Off Axis (Oblique) Viewing Without Tilting the Sample or Changing Magnification
  • Nexus 300 Inspection Software and Analysis Tools
  • Advanced Defect Enhancement
  • Feature Masking for Double Sided Boards