VJE Summit II

Summit II combines the latest rework technologies and ergonomics with the throughput, accuracy and reliability of the renowned Summit product family. Summit II features a reduced footprint, yet larger board capacity with easy to adjust board support fixtures. Enhanced SierraMate software takes the popular user-friendly operation to the next level with a simple icon driven GUI and unmatched flexibility through easily customized operation sequences

  • Reduced footprint with larger board capacity
  • Simplifi ed Graphical User Interface
  • Closed loop control of heater gas flow
  • Ultra High Flow for large connectors and multiple BGA rework
  • Nested Top Heater and independent pickup tube travel

– Allows nozzle to gasket the board

– Support zero force (clean) component removal

  • Improved quick-release nozzle and pick up tube exchange
  • Differential TC inputs – eliminates signal noise
  • Placement – 0.0005” (12μ) mean + 3o
  • Top Heater – 2.0kW
  • Bottom Heater – 5.6kW
  • Field of View – 2.6” (65mm) Square
  • Max. Board Size – > 20”X20” (508mm) Square
  • Min. Component Size – 0.005” (0.12mm)
  • Compliance – CE, ANSI/UL 61010, CAN/CSA C22.2