VJE Summit 2200

VJ Electronix delivers the Summit 2200 highly Automated Rework system. Developed by SRT and further refined by VJ Electronix, the 2200 is the industry’s most advanced Rework system. The Summit 2200 Rework system provides programmable features tailored specifically to address high volume Rework.

Proprietary SierraMate™ Windows® based software provides an easy to use “1-2-3-Go” graphical user interface, featuring intuitive programming and Auto Profile. The 2200 is “production ready” with many standard features, providing superior value and superior performance.

The Summit 2200 is the pinnacle of high volume Surface Mount Rework technology. It incorporates not only the well established features and benefits, common to all the Summit systems but introduces state-of the-art innovations to address high volume, Lead-Free Rework.

Advanced features such as Auto Profile, Programmable Pick and Place Force with Component Height Sensing, Independent Top Heater and Pick-up Tube, Proprietary Split Imaging together with precision placement capability, Optical/Digital Zoom and Automated Data/Event Logging continue to satisfy the demanding requirements of the Electronics Assembly industry. Complex components and assemblies benefit from the increased functionality and automation provided by the Summit 2200.

The Summit 2200 incorporates dual heads (Rework and Scavenger), providing maximum thru-put and minimum thermal cycles.

  • Placement – 0.0005” (12μ) mean + 3o
  • Top Heater – 1.6kW Focused Convection
  • Bottom Heater – 4.0kW Convection Plenum
  • Field of View – 2.5” (65mm) square
  • Max. Board Size – 18”X22” (455mm X 560mm)
  • Min. Component Size – 0.005” (0.12mm)
  • Compliance – CE mark