VJE Summit 1800s

Scavenging – Non-contact Solder Removal – provides a safe and effective means to prepare rework sites for component replacement.

Automated temperature control and precise scavenging gap prevents risk of damage to pads and solder mask while leaving a consistent layer of residual solder for optimum solderability.

  • Computer controlled process temperature
  • Board conditioning
  • Dynamic Height Control assures consistent scavenger gap regardless of board contour
  • Automated motion provides constant speed for improved uniformity and greater protection from overheating
  • Available on Summit and Micra models

Summit 1800 Scavenger – Standard Features:

600 W -Dedicated Solder Scavenger Heater

Dynamic Height Sensing – real time control of scavenger gap

Dual Gas Inlets – (CDA & N2 with Two Stage Pressure Regulator)

Top Heater Gas Saver – (saves CDA or N2 during preheat)

18 x 22″ X-Y w/ 4.0 kW

Convection Plenum Bottom Heater w/ 1.5″ Clearance

Manual X-Y Table Motion for coarse alignment

Motorized X-Y Table Motion for fine alignment

Computer controlled motions (X , Y, and Z) for scavenging operation

SierraMate ReworkSoftware

“1-2-3- Go” Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Security Manager Utility – (Users, Groups & Passwords)

Automated Data & Event Logging

Workstand w/ Integrated Keyboard Tray & PC Enclosure

Summit 1800S Optional Features:

NexGen 22 x 30″ X-Y w/ 5.6 kW Convection Plenum Bottom Heater w/ 1.5″ Clearance including Bridge Rail Supports

Local Bottom Heater (Triple Stage Heating)