VJE Micra

VJE introduces the SRT Micra, mobile device rework system. Revolutionary new heaters and power controls provide extremely high performance. Compact in design with SRT’s latest rework technologies, the Micra addresses the challenges of reworking technologies such as Package on package (PoP), QFN, micro-Passive like 01005, 0.3mm pitch CSP and RF Shields commonly used in Smartphones, Netbooks, GPS, cameras, audio-video players, tablets, eReaders and other small form factor products. The SRT Micra provides rapid RF shield removal that minimizes thermal migration to sensitive components beneath. Micro-Scavenging removes residual solder from the largest asymmetrical RF Shield’s land to the smallest, tightly spaced micro-passive pads. The Micra hosts the ultra-flexible SierraMate™ V9 rework software, providing a new icon driven user interface and SRT’s new AutoRun™ automatic process set-up. V9 further simplifies process definition and assures consistent, repeatable results while minimizing training and profiling.

High Through-put Rework/Heating Capability

  • Focused Convection Top Site Heating
  • Focused Convection Bottom Site Heating
  • Optional-Bottom Area Heating

Precise Placement Capability

  • 0.3mm Pitch Process Capability
  • 01005 Rework Capability
  • High Resolution Vision System
  • Optional-Side View Vision System

Easy to Use

  • SierraMate™ V9 Rework Software
  • New Icon Driven User Interface
  • New AutoRun™ Automatic Process Set-up

Versatile Rework

  • BGA, CSP, PoP, QFN Rework
  • Micro-Passives, 01005 Rework
  • RF Shield Removal
  • Optional-Micro-Scavenger Solder Removal

Compact Benchtop design

  • Robust construction
  • Designed for 24/7 Operation
  • Small footprint