Valve DV-8000C

DV-8000C Heli-Flow Pump

The DV-8000C Heli-Flow® pump is an encoded auger pump featuring fast operating cartridge cam lock and fixed head designed for high-speed lines

The DV-8000C features interchangeable cartridges for use in high flow rate encapsulation and lid seal applications, allowing each pump to work with several different fluid types when configured with Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems. The DV-8000C has a fixed-head design for use with high-viscosity fluids and high flow rate for fast writing.

The feedscrew and cartridge are made of carbide for long-life operation and are interchangeable with DV-8000 and non-footed DV-7000 cartridges.

The exclusive cam lock design securely holds cartridge in place and makes removing the cartridge easy. Simply press the quick release cam lever to remove the needle and cartridge. No tools are required. To use a different fluid type, simply change the cartridge, needle, and disposable fluid line. The open frame design provides a clear view of the seated cartridge for visual inspection.


  • Quick release tool-free disassembly of wetted parts for fast and easy cleaning
  • The cam lock and positive detent feature provides tactile feedback that indicates when a cartridge is correctly seated
  • Closed-loop motor control with encoder feedback ensures high repeatability and precision dispense control
  • Long-life carbide cartridges
  • Powerful 11-watt motor and two gear box options (19:1 standard and 4:1 for high flow applications) are designed for use with thick fluids
  • Cartridges are interchangeable with DV-7000/DV-8000 Heli-Flow® pumps

Compatible Fluids

  • Solder Pastes
  • Encapsulants
  • Silver Epoxies
  • Conductive Adhesives
  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

Length: 190-192 mm (7.48-7.56 in.)
Width: 33 mm (1.3 in.)
Depth: 72.6 mm (2.86 in.)
Air Pressure Required
34-552 kPa (0.7-5.5 Bar, 5-80 psi)
Closed-loop control with encoder feedback on the dispensing platform
Encoder Resolution
0.0095 degrees of rotation per encoder, providing excellent small-shot resolution
Two Gear Box Options
19:1 standard, 4.4:1 for high flow (200 mg/s) and high viscosity materials
Flow Rate Range
Flow rate depends on fluid, needle, valve speed, and syringe pressure
Minimum volume displacement allows pump to dispense dots smaller that 0.5 mm in diameter
Maximum flow rate capability for damming material is well over 100 mg/s
(viscosity 1 M centipoises, specific gravity 1.76)