Advanced ultra violet conformal coating curing system

The high performance surface light source is integrated into our fully integrated Modular System with a simple flexible control system transport conveyors and a range of options and accessories to meet every need.

The UV irradiation source has world best efficiency using high power LED’S. Frequency is tuned to 395nm.

Integrated, programmable forced air cooling over the entire 500mm x 400mm area.

The small footprint is fully ready for simple integration into any automated line, full SMEMA compatibility & Industry 4.0 data export functions give extraordinary capability & traceability.

  • Wavelength: 395nm. Options: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm
  • Electric Power: 1800w
  • Curing Area: 500x400mm (option curing area 800x500mm)
  • Curing Side: Top side (option top and bottom) in top conveyor or return conveyor
  • Best Curing Distance: 50-150mm
  • Power Intensity: 1000mW/cm2 (at 15cm of working distance)
  • Cooling method: Fans cooling
  • Humidity Control: Air conditioner (humidity & TºC control closed loop) (option)
  • No need to warm up after power on: Instant turn on/off. It reaches the maximum light intensity instantaneously, increasingly lamp lifetime

Irradiance mapping @15cm

Irradiance profile @15cm