US-Blow Cleaner

US-Blow Cleaner

Ultrasonic dry cleaner

  • This is a dry cleaner device that removes foreign matter efficiently by lifting up and removing the foreign matter with ultrasonic air
  • This equipment removes foreign matters on FPD, etc. byusing ultrasonic air without contact
  • 1.6 μm particle can be removed 100% by dry cleaner. Since the dry cleaning method is introduced, any water, chemicals, etc. are not required. Cleaning on one side or both sides is possible.

Removal capability of ultrasonic dry cleaner

Example of removing 3μm fine particles (100% removed after treatment)

  • Blow 20-30kHz ultrasonic air
  • Make foreign objects resonate and float from the workpiece
  • Suck the floating foreign objects in vacuum
  • Removal rate of fine particles of 10μm or less exceeds 99%


Item Specification
Stage size Correspond to up to 10th generation
Stage material Correspond to various materials (ceramic)
Thrust up pin material Correspond to various materials
Thrust up pin drive method Pulse motor of cam mechanism
Thrust up stroke From 50 mm to 105 mm (fixed)
Vacuum pad Φ 15 mm made by VITON
Stage drive Ball screw + AC servo motor
Stage speed From 5 to 600 mm / sec
Setting method Digital setting in operation panel
Cleaner head Selectable
Head width Effective length + α
Substrate thickness measurement Installed
VCR Option
Alignment mechanism Option
Static electricity measure Option


Glass cleaning in the LCD manufacturing process

Wet cleaning

Pre-cleaning before wet cleaning

Glass and film

Cleaning glass and film before and after process in touch panel manufacturing process

Photovoltaic panels

Cleaning applications for photovoltaic panels

General operations

Removing foreign matter in general operations (for example, removal of foreign matter from roll-to-roll packaging film)