Inspection system for die casting
Automated reading S/W of void, crack

TVX-IL1605T AXI is an automated X-ray inspection system optimized for die casting inspection and is composed of full automated system. One-click automatic inspection function automatically inserts inspection sample and clicks once, automatic detection of defects and automatic classification and storage of inspection image are done automatically. In addition, ASTM standard, void, crack, etc. can be read automatically with image software including various functions such as image zoom, multi image view, measurement, image coloring, edge and emboss.


ECU Board

– Optimized for die casting

– Full automated & one click system

– Automated reading S/W of void, crack (1st in Korea)

– S/W that overcomes the limit of flat inspection

– Reduced maintenance cost with self-developed pars

Tube Voltage 160kV
Focal Spot 0.4mm x 0.4mm
Inspection Area 350mm x 300mm
Dimension (mm)
(W x D x H)
2,050 x 1,400 x 1,750
Weight 2,000Kg