TT Automatic150

TT Automatic Smart 150

A modular ultrasonic cleaning system with a useful capacity of 40-45 gallons. Different modules are incorporated depending on the piece to be cleaned, such as rinsing, passivation, drying, etc.

The model shown is a standardised system composed of an ultrasonic cleaning system, two cold rinsers, one hot rinser and a dryer.

The TT Automatic Smart 150 model can be fitted with an enclosure or frame ensuring safety during the operation, as well as a vapour extractor.

Optionally, we can fit oil extractors, pneumatic caps, filtering systems, turning basket systems, hot air drying, vacuum drying, automatic loading and unloading, or any other complement adapted to your needs.

Modular system of ultrasonic cleaning with a useful capacity of 40-45 gallons. According to the piece that you have to wash can incorporate different modules such as rinses, passivation, dried, etc… The model shown below is a standardized system that consists of washing by ultrasound, two rinsed in cold, rinsed in hot and dried.

Power supply: 400V

Maximum capacity by tank: 45 gallons

5 cleaning process stations:

– ultrasonic cleaning

– rinse in cold 1

– rinse in cold 2

– enlightened in hot

– Dryng tank an ultrasonic generator with an output power of 1000W

Tank built in stainless steel AISI 316 steel of 0,08” in

Exterior panelling steel fingerprint of 0,04” in

Thermal-acoustic insulation k-flex duct net of 0,8” in thick

Automatic covers operated by pneumatic cylinder in all tanks.

Level detectors.

9 ‘’ module PLC with touch screen.

Dimensions (length x width x height):

-internal: 21” x 18” x 24” in

-External total: 170” x 110” x 115” in