TT Automatic 300

TT Automatic Smart 300

A modular ultrasonic cleaning system with a useful capacity of 80-95 gallons. Different modules are incorporated depending on the piece to be cleaned, such as rinsing, passivation, drying, etc.

The model shown is a standardised system composed of an ultrasonic cleaning system, two cold rinsers, one cold rinser and a dryer.

The TT Automatic Smart 300 model can be fitted with an enclosure or frame ensuring safety during the operation, as well as a vapour extractor.

Optionally, we can fit oil extractors, pneumatic caps, filtering systems, turning basket systems, hot air drying, vacuum drying, automatic loading and unloading, or any other complement adapted to your needs.

Modular system of ultrasonic cleaning with a useful capacity of 80-95 gallons. The model shown here is a standardized system that consists of two washed by ultrasonic rinsing cold, rinsed and dried. Manufactured with fairing, exhaust fumes and oil sump system.

You can optionally add more stations, rinses, passivation, pneumatic covers, filtration systems, systems of rotating baskets, dried by vacuum, loading and unloading automatic.

Basket out of tank by rinsing in hot detail. Multi-stage computers can have various types of drying and passivating parts.

Decanting of oils and filtration tanks.

SIEMENS screen mod. KTP900 TFT panoramic 9 “. Backlit 800 x 480px.

All automatic equipment have installed this screen of series

Detail of basket entering ultrasonic station. Racks and baskets are customized according to the needs of customer size