• Tank built in INOX AISI 304 Stainless steel, 0,11” inch thick.
• External panel in fingerprint-resistant steel, 0,03” inch thick.
• Thermo-acustic isolator K-Flex Duct Net, 0,8” inch thick.
• 2” inch draining ball valve, 1”inch ball valve for water inlet.
• Height adjustable legs.
• Insulated tank cover in Stainless-Steel with pneumatic shock absorber.
• Air blow-gun for drying parts.
• Integrated wateflow system. Removes the existing waste on the tank surface, keeping the cleaning equipment in perfect condition.
• (Optional): Filtration system (Stailess-Steel filter with
polypropylene/polyester bag) for waste and mud.

• Power Supply: 400V.
• Heating element: 60000W.

• Ultrasonic Power: 34000W. (68000W. p-p).
• 10 ultrasonic generators with 34000W. (68000W. p-p) output power.
• 20 submergible emitters with 1700W. (3400W. p-p) of power each one, built in INOX AISI 316 steel, 2,5 mm. thick. The emitter contains 34 high-performance IBL piezo-electric transducers in titanium-steel.
• Working frequency: 40 KHz sweep system ± 2%.

• 4.3” touch screen. Functional and intuitive access to ultrasound time setting, temperature and peripheric or optional systems. Programmable weekly calendar.
• 6 outputs and 8 inputs temperature module PLC.

Capacity: 2100 gallons
Internal measures: 118” x 859” x 59” in.
Useful measures: 114” x 75” x 46” in.
External measures: 112” x 96” x 71” in.
Weight: 7700 lb.