TS Multi-Site

TestStation Multi-Site

Most Productive ICT Solution

Teradyne’s TestStation Multi-Site systems deliver 2 to 4 times greater test capacity, delivering 200 to 400% greater productivity, and 40 to 50% lower total cost of test compared to a conventional single site system.

Supporting a full range of MDA/ICT/FBT production test capability, Teradyne’s TestStation Multi-Site systems expand test capacity and productivity while reducing test floor space and energy costs.


TestStation Multi-Site test systems deliver true parallel in-circuit test and functional board test. The key to Multi-Site architecture is intelligent resource allocation.

Test electronics for each site are close to the test interface, ensuring short signal paths to test instrumentation. Common cooling, power, and infrastructural elements that support all the test sites reduce system physical size and cost.

With their high-density design, TestStation Multi-Site test systems may be configured over a wide range of pin counts, automation, and test options to meet every production test requirement.


Offline Configurations

TestStation Multi-Site systems are available as an “off the line,” manually operated configuration with multiple test sites.

TestStation Multi-Site Offline

  • Model 51- single site, 5 channel card max.
  • Model 52- dual site, 5 channel card max.

TestStation Duo

  • Panelized test, max. 1,536 pins

Inline Configurations

TestStation Multi-Site configurations can seamlessly integrate within standard inline automation and material-handling systems.

TestStation Multi-Site Inline

  • Model 51 – single site, 5 channel card max.
  • Model 52 – dual site, 5 channel card max.

TestStation Automated Handler

  • TestStation Multi-Site Inline configurations are automation ready with seamless integration into the TestStation Automated Inline Handler

Automation Partners

TestStation Multi-Site Inline systems are available as a standard product offering from many industry-leading PCB handling and automation suppliers. This standardization eliminates costly non-recurring engineering charges involved in custom tester-to-handler integrations.

Automation Partners include:

  • CRS
  • IPTE
  • Nutek
  • Pematech