HB70 Manual Die Bonder

The HB70 is a Bench Top Size Die Bonder, ideal for laboratories, pilot and  small scale production lines. It is equipped with a double head for die-placement and for epoxy.

The epoxy can be pasted through epoxy stamping or epoxy dispensing. The work holder fixates the substrate with vacuum power, has two die carrier holders and an integrated spot heater.  The heating curve can be programmed on a special controller. Different pick-up holders allow the usage of all kinds of tool diameters. The machine can be easily tailored towards you die-bonding needs.


  • Pick & Place

Pick Microchip from Die-Carrier and place it to your surface

  • Epoxy Dispensing

Simple and exact handling

  • Epoxy Stamping

Fast and precise stamping process

  • Rotation Bondhead

for Quick Change between tools

  • Inspection

Visual inspection of microassembly for example from soldering, bonding or flip chip

  • True vertical Z movement

Motorized Z-axis with 90° linear movement

  • Full HD Camera

Overlook no detail, thanks high resolution camera with optical zoom

  • X-Y Micrometer screws

Exact placement from Die, stamp or dispenser

  • Camera angles

Free changeable camera angle with optical zoom for a good and easy verification

  • Angle alignment

Microchip alignment thru the rotable work plate

  • Auto Vacuum Pump

integrated vacuum pump turns on automatically at Pick & Place.

  • optional heater stage

Up to 450 ° C heat, with programmable heating cycles