Equipment to perform wind resistance test, air permeability tests and water tightness tests have been designed for testing according to the standards EN 12207, EN 1026, EN  12208, EN 1027, EN 12210, EN 12211.

  • Sight glass
  • Software: PROCAM-WIN
Standards of the equipment to perform resistance to the wind tests, permeability to the air tests and tightness to the water tests
  • UNE EN 12210:2000 (Resistance to the wind)
  • UNE EN 12211:2000 (Resistance to the wind)
  • UNE EN 12207:2000 (Permeability to the air)
  • UNE EN 1026:2000 (Permeability to the air)
  • UNE EN 12208:2000 (Tightness to the water)
  • UNE EN 1027:2000 (Tightness to the water)