Diagnosys TestVue™ software: Powerful and Intuitive Software

The TestVue™ software platform offers an extensive array of features including TestFlow™, Analogue virtual instruments, SeaWave and a simple intuitive user interface. It provides a single user environment for the creation, debug and execution of PCB test programs and guided fault finding. It also allows the interactive use of a wide range of PCB troubleshooting tools.

TestVue software is used across the PinPoint range, the AutoPoint flying probe system, and FaultFinder products. It provides test program compatibility and a common user environment across the systems to allow flexibility of labour and rapid learning curves.

TestFlow™ automatically generates a test program for a board under test as the components are laid out by the operator. This allows test programs to be edited and constructed in simple flow diagram format. This program writing method means that editing programs is quick and simple. It also gives the programmer the ability to add conditional branches, subroutines, operator test instruction and limits checks at the click of a mouse.

SeaWave enables detailed analysis of logic inputs and outputs to the DUT. This is extremely useful for PCB fault finding and debugging programs. Detailed component information is available from the PinPoint component library. The library, which is being added to all the time, currently contains over 20,000 component functional test programs including many military components. Many of the components in the library also have data sheets included that can provide valuable information when writing board programs. All these powerful software features and more, presented in an intuitive Windows based package, ensure that test programs for new boards can be completed in hours/days rather than weeks/months.

C-Script complements the TestVue programming environment by allowing you to integrate programs created using the ‘C’ programming language. Now the full capability of the ‘C’ programming language is available to you through an icon integrated into the graphic TestVue environment. This means that any program can be executed from the TestVue environment including DLL and Windows API’s.

The Instrument Strategizer allows you to create a complete sequence of tests using different instruments (internal or external) using a graphical interface. External instruments having a VISA software driver can be immediately integrated into the graphic environment so that you can rapidly start to develop test sequences. The availability of a wide range of external instrumentation further empowers you to create comprehensive test programs.