TWC – Teknek Web Cleaner

“Best Cleaning, Best Value”

The TWC is designed for the high value web converting sector where the best cleaning system available is required. It has many industry leading innovations that allow it to process all web types in the sector, simple installation and requires very little operator intervention. This is also one of the best value machines available.

Manufacturers of multi-functional films, optical films, lithium ion batteries and electronic films will all benefit by specifying the TWC on their converting lines.

Generation 2 light weight cleaning rollers – low tack, low pressure cleaning.

Unique Teknek polymers, made to ISO 6123 Class A

Nanocleen™ 20.20. – conductive, silicone free roller

  • Verified to <1 x 10⁹Ω by SGS
  • No conductive particles – polymer is conductive
  • New formula – Tribo point closer to PET  – results in reduced Tribo charging
  • No change to coating process.

Thin Film Capable

Innovative lightweight roller

  • Sleeve technology (Tube)
  • 66% less weight than traditional roller
  • Easy and safe to change

Lower running costs

4” adhesive roll

  • 25% longer operation (than traditional 3” system).
  • Single piece adhesive roll – no airshaft required.

Modular design

Use smaller rollers and adhesives when processing narrow webs.

Slides available as an option

12-month roller warranty

Maintain the Teknek roller using our recommended maintenance procedure and enjoy the security of a 12-month warranty


Cleaning webs after: slitting, edge trimming, die cutting, extrusion and unwind processes.

Cleaning impression rollers, backing rollers, nip or pull rollers, calendar rollers, chill rollers, idle rollers and conveyors in the manufacture of:-

  • Coating of anodes, cathodes and membranes for fuel cells
  • Organic Photovoltaics (OPV)
  • OLEDs
  • Printed Electronics
  • Adhesive tapes for medical applications
  • Security films
  • Photo and Functional inkjet papers and printers
  • MLCC – Multi layer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Flexible printed circuit boards
  • Photoresist films
  • Etc