SMT 2017

A versatile in-line cleaner for surface mount processes.

We’ve specifically designed the SMT board cleaner to fully integrate into advanced surface-mount processes. It presents boards free of contamination to solder-paste print and reduces defects, increasing quality and reliability.

After laser marking boards also benefit from Teknek cleaning, either as an off-line or in-line process.

Unique Teknek Cleaning System

The SMT2017 as standard is fitted with Teknek Generation II Nanocleen™ 20.20 Rollers and our ground breaking ARLS Low Static Adhesive. This combination of world class cleaning and controlled static environment, offers SMT customers a cleaning solution that meets todays demands. Manufactured to International Standards for ESD. This benchmark product meets Audit and Compliance questions from the End User.

Charge Management

The SMT 2017 was developed to meet international standards for ESD Static discharge control. Meets static level standards through Nanocleen™ 20.20 rollers & ARLS Low Static Adhesive.

  • Machine is fully grounded to:  ANSI/ESD s6.1 – 2014
  • Nanocleen™ 20.20. + ARLS + AERO bar on Exit
  • Tested and Verified to: ANSI/ESD s20.20 – 2014

Touchscreen Operator interface

This easy-to-use multilingual touchscreen displays real time status of the product at all times. Quick product changeover is achieved by uploading pre-programmed data specific to each board. This Load Save feature reduces operator involvement and increases equipment up-time.

Applied Pressure

The SMT2017 has been designed to clean the boards with the minimum of applied pressure. The Gen II rollers contact the surface of the board removing the contamination without putting the board under stress. This ensures clean boards without damage to embedded circuits and components.

The single side machine uses and conductive brush to support the board keeping it flat during the cleaning process.


-Before Solder Paste print

“How clean are your Boards?”

Approximately 70% of defects in the SMT process are related to Solder Paste Print.

Quality of the solder paste print is directly related to the level of contamination on the board as it enters printing. The SMT2017 removes this variable from the process by cleaning the surface of the pads just before application of solder paste

-After Laser Marking

“How clean are your Boards?”

Laser Marking in-line and off-line creates contamination on the surface of the board. This fine dust cannot be completely removed using brush and vacuum systems. The SMT2017 was specifically designed to remove loose particles of all sizes from the surface of the board presenting a clean PCB board to the process.