A basic & compact web cleaner

For applications which have space constraints the SL and SL Max are available in a range of sizes. Both single and double side options can be specified.

Typical applications include, label printing, holographic foils, printed electronics, laminating, coating, and many more.

Unique Teknek Cleaning System

The SL range uses Class A ISO 6123 rollers. They’re available in traditional elastomers, plus our ground-breaking silicone-free Nanocleen™. Combined with Teknek adhesive rolls, you enjoy advanced material processing combined with world-leading cleaning performance.


Flexible mounting options ensure the SL range can be  integrated into many applications. We can mount the machine vertically or horizontally depending on the requirements of the application. It comes as a single- or double-sided cleaner.


Digital printing

Flexible printed circuits


  • Label Printing
  • Security printing

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging