A versatile web cleaner proven around the world.

The NWP is specifically designed to remove contamination from a moving web of material. The world’s top Flexo press producers already use this fully integrated contact-cleaning system. Available as a single- or double-side cleaner, this flexible system works for many applications and industries.

Side Access

Operating the NWP, you’ve got full side access to the pre-sheeted adhesive rolls. This makes it easy to change the adhesive roll.

Full Access

Threading-up of the web is easy because the top half of the NWP opens. This also allows you full access to the elastomer rollers for cleaning.

Adhesive QRH – quick-release holder

The QRH system gives you a fast, safe and simple method of replacing the pre-sheeted adhesive rolls. You don’t need tools to change the adhesive rolls, so it’s fast and safe.


Flexible mounting positions ensure you can fully integrate the NWP into many applications. We can mount the machine as a single or double-side cleaner either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs.

Unique Teknek Cleaning System

The NWP uses Class A ISO 6123 rollers. They’re available in traditional elastomers, plus our ground-breaking silicone-free Nanocleen™ is being used in Digital Printing.  Combined with Teknek adhesive rolls you enjoy advanced material processing combined with world-leading cleaning performance.


Label Printing

  • Cleaning at unwind

Flexible Printed Circuits

  • Cleaning at first print station

Medical and pharmaceutical ipackaging

  • Cleaning before lamination

Digital Printing

  • Cleaning before Corona Treatment

Security printing

  • Cleaning before inspection