TEKNEK Fastpad


The original and best hand-roller system

Teknek invented the contact-cleaning concept and our products continue to lead the field. Our hand-rollers are scientifically proven to provide the best cleaning performance in the world. Particle removal down to less than 1 micron, right at the workstation.

We mount the elastomer rollers in an ergonomic handle. This is comfortable and lightweight, so it works for multiple applications. Match the roller with the Teknek DCR adhesive cleaning pad for best performance and to avoid adhesive transfer to the substrate.

All Teknek roller types are available in the DCR system. The Teknek DCR FastPad provides a semi–automatic solution.

Best Performance

We manufacture our rollers to ISO 6123 Class A. This ensures high-quality, repeatability, and superior cleaning. Specifically designed for use in contact cleaners, they don’t leach or affect the customer’s material.


Teknek rollers come with a 12-month warranty.


Rollers are available in 150mm or 300mm widths


At workstations, for example where flexible circuits are assembled

Glass and PVB before assembly of laminated glass products

Screen-print, digital printing or photo mounting

Before manual exposure or AOI in the PCB manufacturing process

Available in 300mm/12” or 150mm/6” widths-
Works with all Teknek hand rollers.
Universal power supply/ 12V DC.