Adhesive Rolls Eco Film

Made by Teknek, Designed by Teknek. Best performance guaranteed.

Our adhesive rolls are unique in the market as they’re specifically designed for use in contact-cleaning systems. Scientific measurement shows the cleaning performance is superior to other adhesive systems.

Manufacturing in-house means we maintain control over the process. We measure critical performance indicators using International Standards.

All our processes meet or exceed ISO 9000:2015 – full traceability and reproducibility is a given

A unique design and production process results in adhesive rolls which comply with FINAT standards.

  • Repeatable process,
  • Fully traceability – batch coded.
  • No adhesive transfer – independently scientifically proven
  • Optimum performance when matched with Teknek elastomer rollers
  • Lasts longer than other adhesive rolls
  • Silicone Free version
  • Most sizes ex stock
  • 60 sheets on a 75mm Ø roll.
  • Available in multiple diameters.
  • Six months’ warranty