Our most advanced sheet cleaner

Our commitment to perfection in contact cleaning has produced the most advanced sheet cleaner on the market today. The ACM55 raises the bar in innovation and design and can be set up to operate in many applications, within many industries.

The ACM55 comprises Class A ISO 6123-compliant ultra-lightweight composite rollers. They’re available in traditional elastomers, plus our ground-breaking silicone-free Nanocleen™. With these key elements, you enjoy advanced material processing combined with world-leading particle pick-up technology.


With the ACM55 tablet, you get a quality interface with minimal operator training. At the tap of a screen, you can see machine status, operator instructions and machine drawings.

Drive System

Unlike some cleaners, the ACM55 needs no gears or chains and therefore produces no debris. Instead of traditional mechanical drive systems you get a safe, clean contactless magnet drive system.


For applications that demand a support system to process material in and out of the

ACM55, we offer a range of tape and disc conveyors. The tape design will support both flexible and rigid sheets, while the disc design is aimed at rigid materials such as glass and aluminium. An independent conveyor drive system allows us to offer custom length conveyors to seamlessly integrate the ACM55

Typical Applications

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Screen Print
  • Glass
  • Decorative Surfaces