Fluid drip prevention valve TCV-S3

It is certain and backs up stable high precision dispense

・Fluid drip prevention valve which shows extremely superior seal characteristics by original valve mechanism.
・It is power for prevention of bubble mixture, prevention of volatilization of solvent.
・It is most suitable for liquid materials of viscosity in from low viscosity.

Article name Model Remarks Wetted part material
Fluid drip prevention valve [□ KP lure lock plug] TCV-S3-1- □KP Syringe use SUS, fluoric resin
Fluid drip prevention valve [□ KP R1/4] TCV-S3-2- □KP Barrel / valve use
Fluid drip prevention valve [□ KP R1/8] TCV-S3-3- □KP Valve use
Fluid drip prevention valve [□ KP M6] TCV-S3-4- □KP DCV valve use
Use spring pressure kPa
Syringe use Barrel / valve use Valve use DCV valve use
10 (0.1) TCV-S3-1-10KP TCV-S3-2-10KP TCV-S3-3-10KP TCV-S3-4-10KP
20 (0.2) TCV-S3-1-20KP TCV-S3-2-20KP TCV-S3-3-20KP TCV-S3-4-20KP
30 (0.3) TCV-S3-1-30KP TCV-S3-2-30KP TCV-S3-3-30KP TCV-S3-4-30KP
50 (0.5) TCV-S3-1-50KP TCV-S3-2-50KP TCV-S3-3-50KP TCV-S3-4-50KP
70 (0.7) TCV-S3-1-70KP TCV-S3-2-70KP TCV-S3-3-70KP TCV-S3-4-70KP
100 (1.0) TCV-S3-1-100KP TCV-S3-2-100KP TCV-S3-3-100KP TCV-S3-4-100KP
150 (1.5) TCV-S3-1-150KP TCV-S3-2-150KP TCV-S3-3-150KP TCV-S3-4-150KP
200 (2.0) TCV-S3-1-200KP TCV-S3-2-200KP TCV-S3-3-200KP TCV-S3-4-200KP
220 (2.2) TCV-S3-1-220KP TCV-S3-2-220KP TCV-S3-3-220KP TCV-S3-4-220KP

※Please appoint spring by state of liquid dispense pressure or dripping.