Designed by TAKAYA, the world leader in flying-probe technology, the APT-820S is reliable, versatile, precise and fast! It is a good option as a low-cost alternative for reducing test costs and quality improvement in your assembly line.

The APT-820S is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on small and medium-sized printed circuit boards (up to 10” by 13”) designated for today’s cutting edge products. Even with just 2 independently moving probes, the tester can achieve a high-speed inspection similar to other testers with 3 or more moving probes and has a marked ability to detect faulty placement of SMT components and SHORTS/OPENS failures reliably. In addition, the tester is cost effective and is highly-miniaturized to be placed in tight spaces. The tester is ideally suited for low volume production, high board mix prototype applications, low-value-added products as well as process checking for nominal value following the pick and place machines.

  • 100% inspection by a in-line test system for the boards with relatively low number of components.
  • 100% inspection by using multiple in-line systems for medium production volume batches.
  • Process control test following the pick and place machines.
  • Random sampling test in mass production line (for quality assurance).
  • Inspection of additional production (after the product is discontinued).
  • Inspection of specific area on the boards where they have higher rate of assembly faults.
  • Inspection of the assembly faults (i.e. SHORT/OPEN error by micro-solder) that AOI are hard to detect.
  • Analysis of the faulty boards that failed functional test.
  • Analysis of the faulty boards returned for repair.