Straight one-touch tank SOT

Insert liquid still in the container due to the tank’s straight design. Furthermore, the cover is easy to open and close.

・The tank inside is bottom by straight from A lower entry chamber
For flat design purchase liquid materials of put-up
Injection possibility to remain.
・One-touch clamp type that Open and close of cover is easy.
・It is available for liquid materials direct injection type.
・It is wide by system with our various valves We cope with application.
・Customization to application of customer Possibility.

Capacity (L) Model Dimensions (mm) Weight
Material Pressure Attached parts
H ID (φ) OD (φ)
4.6 SOT-4.6L 270 159 165 8.7 SUS304 0.5MPa ・O-ring (fluorine-containing rubber
Silicone gum,
Nitrile rubber,
Butyl rubber)
・Safety valve *
・Quick joint
5.6 SOT-5.6L 320 159 165 9.3
6.3 SOT-6.3L 360 159 165 9.7
12.7 SOT-12.7L 417 208 216 17.8
21.3 SOT-21.3L 448 259 267 25.8

*Setting pressure 0.5MPa (5kgf/cm2) of safety valve