Smoke Density Chamber equipment to perform fire reaction tests is designed to evaluate the specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials and assemblies mounted vertically within an enclosure, with or without using of a pilot flame.

This method is applicable to all plastics but also other materials that are evaluated as rubber, textile, painted surfaces, wood and other materials…

The test is intended for use in I + D and engineering of fire safety of trains, ships, etc

  • Heat electrical radiation cone
  • Radiation shield
  • Irradiation control
  • Weight control equipment
  • Sample support
  • Ignition circuit
  • Ignition counter
  • Heat flux meters
  • Calibration burner
Standards of Smoke Density Chamber to perform fire reaction tests
  • ISO 5659-2:2012
  • IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 2 Appendix 1
  • BS 6401:1983
  • ASTM E662 – 13