Smart Card

Smart Card Module Test Cells
CPU, memory, RFID, UHF, Combi devices

Reel-to-reel handling
Complete functional and parametric testing
Smart card module custom programming

Turn Key Solution

The unique feature of SPEA Smart Card Test Cell is the capabililty to perform, as single equipment, the reel-to-reel handling and complete testing of the smart card modules, covering all the possible electrical defects and reject hole positioning defects.

Probe cards, software (with single interface and common datalog for testing and handling), and complete support are provided directly by SPEA.


High Multi-Site Test: up to 80 devices in parallel

High-Throughput Handling: up to 59.000 UPH (@200ms test time)

Quick System Reconfiguration & Reel Exchange: setup conversion in less than 5 minutes

Automatic Retest: Programmable retest of FAIl devices (failure selection)

Automatic Probe Card Retouch: Programmable probe card retouch of FAIL devices (failure selection)

Reel-to-reel handling capabilities

– Tape positioning accuracy: up to 50 μm

– Tape movement controller based on high-res cameras

– Top/Bottom double test head for dual interface device (Combi device) test

– Automatic realignment to cover plastic tape elongation

– Fast tape punching (insulation and reject)

Extensive range of smart card device types

Contactless devices: LF, HF, UHF, Crypto devices
Contact devices: CPU, memory
Combi devices (contact + contactless)

Protocols: ISO 18000, EPC Global Gen 2,
ISO 14443, ISO 15693, MIFARE™, DESFIRE™,
FeliCa™, ISO 11784/85, ICode™, Hitag™,
ISO 7816 T0 and T1, ISO 7813, USB-Keys,
MMC, Micro- SD (with and without CPU inside),
and custom protocols

Intuitive &
Operating System

Smart Card Device Family Suite Test Editor for simple, fast, and guided test flow generation for all smart card device families

– Handling and testing common datalog

– Real Time Production Information

Graphical Statistics

Tape Flow Status in real time

Indexing, Tracking and Reject Camera View

– Simple and powerful operator console for manual intervention.

Test Capabilities

Parametric Test Functional Test

Current and voltage measures are executed on defined pins, in stable conditions.


– Open/short
– Input leakage current
– IDD Supply instant/average current test (static/dynamic mode)
– Input capacitance @13 MHz and inductance
– Retro modulation index (RMI)

Test of passive devices:

– Capacitors
– Resistors
– Resonators


– Test of the device functionality in real working mode

– Device-independent initialization and programming


Contact devices (CPU/Memory):

– standard or customized protocols
– 0-80 MHz clock frequency

Contactless devices (LF, HF and UHF):

– By antenna or by probe card
– Standard or customized protocols
– 100 KHz-15 MHz carrier frequency – modulation type (ASK, OOK, BPSK)
– 800 MHz-1 GHz carrier frequency – modulation type (FM0, Manchester)
– Custom protocol implementation using test program instruction (no HW modification required)