SLM100 Series

SLM100 Series

High-Speed, SMART LED Mounter 

Amazing LED Production System

The world’s first SLM100 Series LED mounter capable of realizing simultaneous pickup with one feeder
It provides an optimum LED production system.

The World’s First LED Mounter!

• Simultaneous Pickup Solution with One Feeder (Patent Pending)
• Placement Speed : Chip 43K CPH (Optimum Condition)
• Applicable Parts : 0603~ 32mm (Part Height H=8.5mm)
• Applicable to Super-large Boards(LxW) : Max 1,200mm x 356mm
• Compact Size(LxD) : 1,650mm x 1,200mm
• Non-stop Recognition by Flying Vision System
• Reinforced Convenience Function Dedicated to LED
• Built-in Tape Cutter (Option)