Desktop type dispensing robot SHOTMASTER®/SHOTmini® SX series

Motion unit of concentration MUSASHI of dispensing “core” technology. Ultimate high cost performance

High speed
・800mm/s Highway movement of class top-level
High precise
・Refrain locational accuracy of ±0.01mm
Synchronized speed ® function Equipped
・Even corner part keeps drawing width constantly. We shorten cycle time to the maximum and realize ultimate production efficiency.
Full function, optional group
◆ New Teaching Pendant
Navigation function Equipped of ・ dialog
・ stopwatch function
Change function of ・ dispense condition
Data transmission function between ・ robot
・ Japanese, English, Chinese correspondence
◆ Extensive hardware structure
・ outside input and output 26/26 Dotting
・ USB communication
・ Z-axis brakes function
◆ Nozzle adjuster (optional)
We automate nozzle position adjustment after ・ syringe change