Sensors Test

Integrated MEMS/Sensors Test Cells

a single unit for testing your devices

Over 33,000 UPH P&P handling
Parametric & Functional Testing
Up to 200x sites parallel test
Specific MEMS stimulus
Full parallel Final Test Concept
Contacting Interface
Input/Output 100% Configurable


SPEA test cells perform the complete parametric and functional test on the fully packaged devices, at the end of the production process.

After the test, the products can be directly
shipped to the customer, without needing any further working or re-test.

From sockets to pickups, from tester to stimulus unit. Everything is designed and manufactured directly by SPEA for the integrated working, providing best technical performance, cost optimization, one-shot factory integration.

A single SPEA unit integrates the modules for the handling, contacting and complete testing of MEMS devices, including the physical stimulus for functional test, and the tri-temp thermal conditioning.

The cost of test results is greatly reduced, thanks to the high throughput, the lower investment,  the short application development time and the rapid accommodation of different applications.

A unique supplier for all your requirements.
This is the SPEA turnkey solution for MEMS testing.

High-ThroughputPick &  Place Handling

Up to 200x site Parallel Test

Intuitive & user-friendly Operating System

Fast package changeover

Nitrogenless tri-temp

Ultra high OCR/2D reading accuracy

input tray – loader/unloader
– 80 JEDEC trays loading capacity
– tray loading/unloading during operation
– precisor unit for device pre-alignment
– 8” wafer size (predisposed for 12”)
– Die size: 0.2×0.2×0.1 to 9×9 mm
input bulk – bowl feeder unit
– high operation autonomy
– optical check by high-speed camera
– bowl refil during handling operation
– possible concurrent installation with tray
  loading unit
– 5S inspection and optical check by
high-speed camera

input wafer/strip – wafer/strip frame loader
detach and pick devices from wafer (8/12”) or strip on blue tape or UV tape
– Optical inspection on 6 sides
– Wafer change time <2 min
output bulk – box
– anti-static
– zinc-coated iron plate
– 314x130x70mm dimensions
output tape and reel – reel sort unit
– dual output reel
– masked reel exchange
– optical check of pin 1 orientation before
tape sealing