SC-400 Precise

SC-400 PreciseCoat Jet

The SC-400 PreciseCoat jet is the optimal applicator for applying coating materials to highly selective areas, increasing throughput and yield. This jet solution is designed for coating both small substrates and those with high-component density. The SC-400 is ideal for applications with tight tolerances between coated and uncoated areas.

The SC-400 PreciseCoat® conformal coating jet takes conformal coating to a new level by leveraging Nordson ASYMTEK’s leadership in jetting technology

  • Designed for optimized agility by providing easy access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Highly selective and accurate coating enables conformal coating of small areas close to keep-out-zones
  • High frequency stitching offers uniform and consistent dots and lines
  • Compatible with both low and high viscosity coating fluids
  • High-speed, high-accuracy coating system delivers higher productivity and yield
  • Optional Needle Sensor module – verifies needle tip location

The SC-400 can be used individually or along with a different applicator to achieve greater agility and coating selectivity. The PreciseCoat jet reaches locations not accessible by other applicators by using a needle design with jetting action and fast pulse-width modulated control. Small volumes and better material control deliver line widths down to 1.2mm (0.05 inches) wide. The need for masking is eliminated because the flow is closely controlled. Film thicknesses of 15 micrometers are achievable when using solvent-based materials.

Available for use on the Select Coat® conformal coating system. A dual-valve configuration is also available if your operation requires larger area coverage in addition to highly selective coating. This configuration combines the precision of the SC-400 with the fast, wide-area coverage of other applicators, such as the SC-300 Swirl Coat® applicator or the Select Coat® SC-100/SC-200 and SC-280N/SC-280C film coaters.

Additional benefits of the SC-400 make its use in production even more valuable. Multiple dot sizes can be delivered from the same jet, yielding small volumes with good control. The SC-400 also allows for clearance above large components on a board, and its performance is virtually unaffected by warped substrates.


  • Highly selective jetting of conformal coating materials
  • Reaches locations not possible with other applicators
  • Dot sizes to 1.2 mm (0.05 in.)
  • Thinner film builds, to 15 µm
  • Fast, up to 500 mm/sec (20 in/sec)
  • Eliminates the need for masking
  • Easy to disassemble and maintain

General Specifications

For use on Nordson ASYMTEK conformal coating systems
Operation: electrically controlled, air open, spring close
Valve pressure: 413 kPa (60 psi) minimum
Weight: 500 g (1.1 lbs.)
Typical fluid dispense pressure: 21 to 345 kPa (3 to 50 psi)
Maximum/minimum needle length: 13 mm (0.5 in.)/6 mm (0.25 in.) – contact factory for other needle lengths
Coating velocity: up to 500 mm/sec (up to 20 in./sec)
Pulse Width Controller, integrated to coating platform
Pulse controlled by Easy Coat® software
Application Parameters

Tested chemistries: acrylics, silicones, urethanes, UV-cure, water-based
Tested materials viscosity range: 0 to 850 cPs
For higher viscosities, contact the factory
Maximum deposition speed: 500 mm/sec
Dot size down to: 1.2 mm ± 0.06 mm

Featured Options

Needle Sensor module – accurately positions the needle tip to provide closed-loop needle tip positioning
Four-Position Tilt
Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch

Prime Viscosity Control Fluid System

The SC-400 is also available with a heated circulating fluid system that maintains a constant fluid temperature so that viscosity is unaffected by ambient temperature changes. Programmers define the process temperature and the corresponding process limits in Easy Coat software. If the fluid temperature moves outside the defined process limits during production, the system triggers an alarm condition and operators can intervene to prevent potential errors.