Single Burning Item “SBI” is suitable to perform fire reaction tests of construction materials according to the standards BS UNE EN 13823.

The samples that are about to be tested are exposed to the thermal attack of a single burning item (Single Burning Item) and evaluates the reaction to the fire.

The behavioral parameters to characterize are heat emission, smoke production, lateral spread of flame, the droplets and inflamed particles.

The flame propagation values, the falling particles and the flaming droplets and are recorded manually by visual observations of the test.

  • Test chamber
  • Control Room
  • Testing Set
  • Smoke extraction system
  • Measurement system
Standards of Single Burning Item (S.B.I. EN 13823) to perform fire reaction tests
  • UNE-EN 13823:2012
  • BS EN 13823:2010
  • EN 13823:2010