Diagnosys’ powerful S500 integrated with a Diagnostic Sub-System is the cornerstone for many Electronic Support Workshop solutions

The powerful S500 functional test capability when integrated with a Diagnostic Sub-System provides the cornerstone for many Electronic Support Workshop solutions. The S500-DSS system provides a combined LRU functional test and PCB diagnostic capability in a single platform enabling an electronics workshop to have advanced and flexible technical capability for the test and troubleshooting of LRUs and PCBs

The powerful functional test capabilities of NI software combined with the flexibility of TestVue in-circuit diagnostic software and toolsets makes the S500-DSS system ideal for environments where high variety but low throughput of specific LRU types is encountered. The S500-DSS integrated test platform provides a solid foundation on which a self-sufficient workshop capability can be developed for the test of LRUs and fault finding and repair of PCBs.

Test Programs can either be created by your team in-house or by the Diagnosys Test Programming teams – or a combination of both to help you through peak workloads.

Benefits of the S500-DSS solution include:

  • A flexible and expandable technical capability
  • Functional test and flexible in-circuit diagnostic toolset in a single platform with a small footprint
  • An easy-to-learn software environment with an integrated toolset for diagnostics testing
  • The flexibility to use:
    • DSS and TestVue software as the main system controller when mainly digital test and in-circuit diagnostics are required
    • National Instruments test software for the main system controller when analog functional testing with instrumentation and functional diagnostics form the main requirement.
  • Turnkey test solutions from Diagnosys or in-house developed solutions or a mixture of both depending on your requirements.