Royce DE35-ST

DE35-ST Semi-Automatic Die Sorter

The DE35-ST semi-automatic die pick and place system is an elegantly simple, low cost machine for picking die from sawn or scribed wafers mounted on adhesive film.
Die can be placed into waffle packs, Gel-Pak®, film frame, or directly onto substrates. Optimized for small lot production, the DE35-ST is simple to learn and use. No hand tools are needed for die size changeover. Setup and option information is preserved in user selectable recipes.

  • Available for up to 200mm dia wafers standard, 300mm wafers special order
  • 700 to 1200 UPH, application dependent
  • Quick change multi-needle eject heads
  • Output stage for waffle packs, Gel-paks, film frames etc.
  • Options Include:
    • Non Surface Contact die picking
    • Die Inverter
    • Die underside inspection
    • High Magnification Die Facet (Edge) Inspection

Smallest Die Size 200 μm
Largest Die Size >25mm
Largest Wafer 200mm,
300mm, special order
Die Placement ±120 μm
Die Surface Load <10 gf
Throughput 500 to 1200 UPH
Weight 80 kg, 175 lbs
Width 1120 mm, 44 in.
Depth 840 mm, 33 in.
Height 660 mm, 26 in.
Electrical 110-240 VAC
50-60 Hz,
Single phase
Air 275 kPa to 550 kPa
( 40-80 psig )
Vacuum -65 kPa (20in Hg)